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production services photoWhile Lake Sumter TV is pleased to offer multi award winning production and programming services to suit nearly any budget, we do recognize there are occasions in which the public, clients or third parties may have           pre-produced programming content and desire to air it on LSTV.

However, please note that as a PEG channel, LSTV is not permitted to sell commercial or programming airtime.

Here are some frequently asked questions and a few things to keep in mind:

What is LSTV and what kind of programming can I provide to LSTV?

LSTV is designated a public educational and government (PEG) cable access channel. It is, therefore, commercial free and all content aired must meet an “educational or informational” requirement. LSTV reserves the sole right to determine whether third party or provided content meets this standard and may require modifications to programming in order to meet this standard.

Where does LSTV air?

LSTV is a cable-only service, airing on Comcast channel 13, Brighthouse Spectrum 498 and CenturyLink PRISM 83 throughout Lake County, much of The Villages, as well as parts of Sumter and Marion counties reaching approximately 160,000 cable homes (as of 12/2015). It is not available on Dish, Direct TV, or other providers other than the local cable systems. Most programming on LSTV (particularly programming produced by LSTV's sister production company, Red Apples Media, is also uploaded to the LSTV YouTube page for additional exposure.  Those without cable can also watch a live web stream of LSTV from a computer or mobile device (you may need to install Silverlight in order to access the web stream).

What about commercials and Public Service Announcements (PSAs)?

LSTV does not sell or air commercials on LSTV. However, some events and organizations may be eligible for Public Service Announcement (PSA) air time. Please contact us if you believe your organization and/or event may qualify. LSTV can provide cost efficient production for your PSA or may, on a case-by-case basis, elect to “trade” production for sponsorship designation of your event, etc. While we are strong supporters of the community, we unfortunately cannot sponsor all events or provide trade services to all events/organizations.

What if I already have a program or a program idea? How do I submit it and what will it cost to produce?

Great question with no easy answer. Programming costs can range based on a multitude of factors and for that reason we suggest you contact us directly to explain your idea so that we can put together a reasonable and comprehensive production proposal for you. If you already have a produced program and would like LSTV to consider airing it, please contact us with more information including title, subject, length, brief description, when it was produced and by whom.

What are the costs associated with LSTV programming and content?

While LSTV does not charge for airtime, there are costs associated with the process of putting content on air. Because of that, LSTV charges a “RICE” fee to (R)eview the content provided to insure it fits both the quality and content requirements for LSTV, (I)ngest it into the computers that play the programming content back for air, input a scheduling (C)ontract, and then (E)xport a report upon written request of when it aired at the end of each month.

As a (very) general rule of thumb, the RICE fee is $18 per airtime minute per week with a $50 minimum and will include an agreed upon airtime schedule - generally twice daily but this will also vary depending on the length, content and schedule availability. Documented not-for-profits, community organizations and government agencies may be eligible for a 20% discount. Additional discounts may be available based on frequency of air time, length of programming, length of commitment, etc.

video wallWhat are the technical requirements to submit programming?

Programming should be produced using air-quality equipment. Popular music that has not been licensed may not be included in the production. Any individuals included in the production must have signed releases. Content should be educational, informational and of general interest to the Lake and Sumter county communities. Content may not be inappropriate for a general audience, excessively controversial, slanderous, etc. Final production should be provided as a digital file (DVD, jump drive, file share, etc.) No tape formats will be accepted. LSTV may require the program provider to provide broadcast liability insurance / errors and omissions insurance on a case-by-case basis. LSTV – as managed by Hometown Health TV LLC / Red Apples Media – reserves absolute and total determination as to whether programming is suitable and meets the standards and image of the channel.  Revisions may be recommended or programming may be rejected in its entirety.



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